Yogi of the Month: Carrie Griffiths & Ander

I’m so delighted to have found Tranquil Space. I always knew I would come to yoga. I didn’t know, however, how large it would become in my life. I was hooked after my first class ten-plus years ago, and it has been an exciting, healing, empowering, humbling and winding journey that I’ve traveled since then. I practice because it makes me feel good… my body, my soul, my mind. I think it brings out the best parts of who I am. I cannot imagine life without my practice. And recently, TS has helped me take that practice deeper.

I moved to the area a few years ago due to my husband’s job and I must say DC life is not what this lifelong west-coaster is used to. It has taken me a while to find a place where I feel a comfortable mix between the excitement and newness of someplace so different, and the ease and contentment of feeling at-home. Tranquil Space has been that place for me. I have always been a worker, but upon moving here and learning I was pregnant, we decided I would stay at home with the baby – a role I never envisioned for myself. And while I love every moment that I get to have with my wonderful child, there has been something missing in the last two years. The one thing that has remained constant and consistent here has been my yoga practice. So I decided earlier this year that I needed something more than just being mama. I came across Tranquil Space while researching teacher training programs in the area, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I love coming to TS, but so does my little two-year old. I had hoped she would become a little yogini, but I have TS (particularly Siobhan) to thank for helping her blossom in that respect. I am loving the teacher training program, and am so thankful for the support I have received from the TS community as I wobble down this road, pregnant again. I am beyond grateful to have a place where I can come to learn and grow, as can my child (soon… children). Thank you so much Tranquil Space! Namaste!

2 thoughts on “Yogi of the Month: Carrie Griffiths & Ander

  1. laarni

    December 1, 2011 at 5:26pm

    Yay! My tt1 classmate, the HOTTEST prego ever!!!

  2. moi

    December 3, 2011 at 12:15pm

    Miss December, you are so deserving!

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