TT200 Yogis Graduate

A big congratulations to our tt200 fall 2011 yogis who celebrated their final weekend of teacher training this past weekend. Kudos to all of you for your hard work and dedication.

bottom row (left to right): Aviva, Kat, Courtney, Jes, Kristin, Rich, Tiffany
top row (left to right): Kevin, Jodi, Melissa, Dave, Lizzie, Anne, Merel, Carol, Samantha, Johanna

A special thanks to our fall 2
011 mentors

left to right: Dave Kidney, Melissa Van Orman, Kevin Waldorf-Cruz, Jodi Darlage
Not pictured: Jennifer Triassi

A little break with legs up the wall in-between final teaching offers some sweet relief
left to right: Jessie Hrivnak, Courtney Clouse, Samantha Demartino

As a requirement for graduation, students must teach an advanced level class to their peers

Congratulations again to all of our graduates!

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