Thanks for the Feedback!

We had a great response to our request for feedback earlier this year. Read on for a summary of what you had to say…

Asking for feedback can be a little scary, but there were so many sweet things said about our community that we were overwhelmed with the kind comments. We’ve pared this down pretty significantly to share a few of the highlights.
  • You all have been life-changing!
  • Give yourselves an A+, best teachers, best classes
  • Love the atmosphere – everyone is friendly, helpful and understands yoga! I really appreciate the helpful adjustments that are provided during the practice.
  • I’ve been to a lot of studios in the past 7 years and as soon as I walked into TSA I felt at home. I absolutely love it here!
  • I was sad to move to Pittsburgh in May, but enjoy coming back to TS when I am in town. While coming to TS regularly in the winter and early spring… I felt my body and thoughts transforming! It was amazing!
  • I really appreciate that the packages don’t expire. Your website and online store/scheduling is easy to use and convenient. Website also very informative (especially for a first-timer).
  • Lovely the way you welcome newcomers. I have brought several people here and they had a great experience.
  • You have fantastic instructors with unique styles that benefit the students!
  • I just joined in February and have no idea why I waited so long. TS has become my resting place, the best part of my hectic week. I love TS, truly.
  • I love coming here, it is always the perfect setting to reach and to center. Thanks for all you do.

We are constantly seeking to improve our yogis’ experiences here at Tranquil Space. Below you’ll find a several suggestions from the surveys and our responses. We had a ton of great ideas come in (thank you for that!), so it was really hard to select just this list to share with you.

Tranquil Space Arlington Specific Feedback

Class Requests: The majority of TSA’s students’ feedback/comments/questions were about class additions. The top requests? Morning classes, yoga 2’s during the week, and more specialty classes (yin, restorative, etc.).
Good news! We’ve added two morning classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:45am. If these classes are successful, we hope to be able to add more morning classes in the New Year.

Similarly, we reevaluate our schedule quarterly and always look to see where we can add classes. We note all class addition requests and keep them in mind for future schedule changes. When making these decisions we also tend to add additional classes when demand outnumbers supply. For instance, at this point at TSA, the Yoga 2s are typically smaller (attendance-wise) than the Open Flows, so we have more Open Flows during the week. If you want more leveled classes during the week, keep coming to the current leveled classes! We will be looking at our schedule again in December and will be adding new classes in January.

Potluck/mingler for members only or all students. Participants could even bring their own utensils. People tend to rush off after class – might be a nice to socialize.
Good news! We’ll be adding quarterly ChariTea potlucks and events in the new year as a way for the TSA community to get more involved in karma projects and mingle off of the mat. Details to come in 2012! In the meantime, feel free to check out our Book Club (the next one is Sunday, December 11) as a great way to socialize outside of class.

‘Unlimited membership’ should include some workshops!
Done! We’ve recently added just this—free “Member Playshops” which are essentially special workshops just for members. The first Member Playshop at TSA was held in November and we’ll have more in 2012. Keep your eye on the calendar. We’ve also recently added “Members-Only” classes at both studios—another special perk just for members!

I wish there were comfy couches to hang out on – place might need to be bigger – more room is always good or add on.
After weeks of anticipation, the new TSA tea lounge has arrived. There’s a comfy seating area, coffee table and tea bar with room to mingle. We hope to continue to make the space a little more homey.

The mat placement behind the desk can be a little cramped.
Thanks for noting this! We understand that it can be cramped at times, but due to space constraints we can’t move the unit at this time (but will keep your request in mind for future rearranging!). We also have member mat storage located near the back bathroom/changing rooms, so if you’d like to move your mat storage space to that unit we are happy to do that for you! Feel free to see the front desk to find a less-cramped space

Tranquil Space Dupont Specific Feedback

I’m amazed at how clean you keep the place given the foot traffic. Not perfect but really good.
Keeping the studio clean and sanitary is one of our top priorities to make sure our yogi’s have a great experience. If you ever see anything that needs attention, please don’t hesitate to let our staff know so that we can attend to it right away.

I would pay more for less crowded studios.
Good news! We have decided to stagger the stars in the studio so that no one will be directly behind the yogi in front of them. The best news? Even though we’ve decreased the amount of spots in class (by just a couple), we have left prices the same.

I love the charity/karma classes. 
We love them, too! Giving back to the community is a big focus of ours. Be sure to attend the $5 2nd Sunday Charity Classes every month. We also hosting four different charity classes to benefit So Others Might Eat on Thanksgiving Day, raising over $2000! Plus we offer ongoing cOMmunity charity events throughout the year including for our very own non-profit Tranquil Space Foundation – please support!

As I come daily, I get very tired of the pose of the month in every class every day, especially in Yoga 1 classes when the pose is more advanced.
Our asana (pose) of the month is designed to challenge our yogis physically, mentally, and sometimes a good combination of both. Having a consistent pose for the month allows us to build towards the full variation of the asana. You’ll find that teachers often offer variations of the pose so that all levels benefit, so feel free to take one of these variations if you’re just not feeling the asana of the month that day.

There is no doubt that TS is an amazing studio. I’m very happy to be back after trying some other, less expensive, studios. My only suggestion is that there is a discount for students.
We are happy to have you back and even happier to share that we do offer a 15% discount to students, seniors, and starving artists for class purchases. You can also take advantage of our On-the-Go classes that are just $14 a class, before any discount. And…if you’re a Live Green member or NPR member, you get 15% off, as well!

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