Jumping Into Yoga 2…

One of the most common “yoga fears” that we see at Tranquil Space takes place when students are nervous about making the leap from Open Flow, On-the-go, or Yoga 1 classes, to Yoga 2 classes. Often students are ready to transition to Yoga 2 classes long before they take the leap, so one of the ways that we hope to make this transition a little bit easier is through offering our Jump Into Yoga 2 Workshop. It’s the perfect chance to break things down for those who want to work a bit more with some of the common Yoga 2 poses–specifically jumping back to chaturanga dandasana, jumping forward to uttanasana, and sirsasana. It’s also a great way to check your alignment in these poses and check-in with how you’re jumping forward and back–are you harnessing your core strength, or simply leaping back and taking all of the impact in your shoulders?
Image courtesy of yoga.about.com

For anyone who has any of these questions, or who wants to prepare themselves mentally and/or physically to take the Yoga 2 plunge, join Mary Catherine
THIS Friday night at our Dupont studio, where she’ll be hosting a Jump Into Yoga 2 Workshop from 6:30-9pm. The workshop description is below and you can sign up online here. Hope to see you there!

A workshop designed to assist students in finding their core strength, learning how to engage it and take their practice to a new level. We will focus on how to use this strength for chaturanga, headstand, and jumping into chaturanga and forward fold. There will be time to explore bakasana (crow) and the beginning of sirsasana (headstand). Please bring your own mat if you have one, a water bottle, hand towel and any questions you have.

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