Teacher Feature: Kelly Tobin

Tranquil Space is more than a yoga studio. Although, if you want,…. you can come in, stretch out, and leave. Or, if you’re ready, open and willing, you can dive deep…. into yourself, into your heart, your mind… and see clearly without judgement, what is there. You can pull away everything else that has covered up the self, the dust, and the clutter, and find your true inner being. See the beauty in yourself, and in the others around you on the mat, while you move through poses and breathe deeply in classes, for yourself, for your fellow yogis, and for everyone in the world. Be a part of something bigger, something you can 100% feel good about, something quite rare. At Tranquil Space you will find some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and some of the best friends you will ever have.

Tranquil Space has been such an immensely important constant in my ever-changing life since I first walked up the steps of the old P Street studio over 5 years ago as a yogi in the larva stage. Over time, I came to know and love everyone and everything about the studio. The phenomenal teachers have helped me through tough times, to stay positive, grounded, and to be present and focused… content. When I come to child’s pose during a strenuous class, I find myself being gently patted as an encouragement for honoring where I’m at. Or when I find myself in a yoga 3 tip toeing up toward my edge, there’s a teacher there to helpfully encourage me to take another nudge forward, or not. Everything just feels right. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Whether you are in a Restorative class or a Yoga 3, you will be encouraged, inspired, nurtured, assisted, and motivated.

At Tranquil Space I have been through many roles- I started as a student, then worked behind the desk, then I became a manager, and after going through teacher training I became a studio assistant and now…. finally, I am a teacher. And I certainly do revel in my new form, I am a butterfly.

Beyond yoga? Well, when I’m not at yoga, I am thinking about being at yoga… and how to apply yoga principles to my life off the mat. Recently however, I also found Fuse Pilates and jumped into that teacher training, and have been exploring tuning into my core quite a bit since this discovery, as well. I live in DC with two adorable, loving kitties, Razzy and Patches, and my equally adorable Beau. I get back to Boston as much as possible to see my family there and miss friends at home, dearly. Between full time work, time with kitties, Beau and friends, and teaching about 7 classes a week on average, I live a pretty full (read: bursting at the seams) life, and I like it that way! I’m happy with my life journey so far, and mindfully flowing into the rest of it.

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