Fall Studio Challenge

From November 1-14, we’re playing a little yoga bingo!

Our January and June yoga challenges were… well, challenging. To kick off the stretch run to the holiday season, Tranquil Space is making our next challenge a fun way to shake up your practice and experience at the studios. It’s bingo with a Tranquil Space twist:

* Collect a bingo card at either studio location – most cards are different!
* You’re responsible for keeping it in a safe spot and to get your stamps. Sorry we can’t recreate lost cards!
* One stamp per class (i.e. if you take a Yoga 1 from a teacher you never took before, you can punch one or the other, but not both for that one class).
* All stamps will be done by our fabulous front desk teams at each studio with our super special punch stamp thingie.
* For squares like tweets or posts that happen outside of the studio, let us know which ones you’ve done the next time you come in. We’ll take your word for it…  because we’re all committed to satya (yogic honesty).
* All challenge participants who spell out BINGO with five in a row up, down or diagonally on their card win a spray bottle of our special Tranquil Space lavender spray (just like we use in class)!

Here is a sneak peek at the squares:

Take a Yoga 1
Take a Yoga 2
Take a Yoga 3
Take an On-the-Go
Take an Open Flow
Take a Restorative
Take a Yin Yang
Take a Prenatal
Take any class that includes meditation
Take a M-F Noon class
Take a M-F 6:45/7am class
Take a M-F 5:30 class
Take a class at the other TS location than you normally practice
Take a class from a TS teacher you’ve never taken before
Take a workshop
Take 5 classes in 5 consecutive days (the middle square for everyone!)
Introduce yourself to a TS team member you’ve never met before
Take the Second Sunday karma class on 11/13
Retweet any @tranquilspace tweet or mention @tranquilspace in a tweet
Leave a comment on the TS blog or Facebook page
Bring a new, (never been before) friend to take a TS class or workshop
Register for any TS Thanksgiving Day charity class
Leave a suggestion at mytranquilspaceidea.com
Take class in a Tranquil Space t-shirt
Get an express sign-in card or show the front desk the one you have

We hope you have fun with this challenge! 

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