End Factory Farming Conference THIS Weekend

Tranquil Space is proud to be a sponsor at this weekend’s End Factory Farming Conference in Arlington, Virginia. 

Over the past few decades, the rise of factory farming has institutionalized animal cruelty, caused massive environmental destruction and resource depletion, and posed a constant threat to human and animal health. While there are a wide range of reasons to speak out against this detrimental system, it is clear that many experts and movement leaders today share a common goal: To end factory farming.
Join Farm Sanctuary as we bring together experts from the environmental, public health, and animal welfare movements for our first-ever National Conference to End Factory Farming: for Health, Environment, and Farm Animals. This conference will be unique in its exclusive focus on factory farming and the problems surrounding it, and aims to reach a broad audience of professionals and advocates from the animal protection, health, and environmental movements to collaborate on these issues.

The conference program boasts over 30 speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, including authoritative presenters such as Executive Director of Food and Water Watch Wenonah Hauter, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine director of government affairs Elizabeth Kucinich and leading researcher in the field of diet and disease and author of The China Study Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Learn more, support the efforts, and stop by our table to say “Namaste.”

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