Yogi of the month: Candace Beck

I found Tranquil Space one summer evening walking down P Street in 2004. My heart had just been broken because I had to move back to DC from New Mexico (one true love of mine). Since that time, Tranquil Space has been there for me. That summer, it nurtured me into understanding that community is what you make it and to realize I was back in DC because I was meant to be here for now.

That same summer, I found out my husband and I were to have a baby. TS mid-wifed me during my pregnancy and in the early months after Kate was born (she is now 6!) – when yoga was what I did for myself, to build myself back for me and to be strong for Kate. In 2007, my marriage fell apart and with it my world (or what I thought my world was supposed to be) shattered. I fell absolutely to the floor with grief, panic and all of the emotions that come with feeling completely groundless. Kimberly and her hip opener workshop that Spring gave me real space to work on releasing my marriage and all I was holding onto, to forgive and take the exhales I needed. I weekly regained strength and love through classes with Carol, Anne, Siobhan, Dibora, Kevin, Danielle, Caroline.

It took a few years, but I was able to rebuild, regroup, and heal. TS was (and still is) a key life force through it all. I found true love and married my wonderful partner last year, and I was able to leave my full-time, stressful, energy –depleting legal job downtown. I just launched my own business online http://candacesmyth.com to nurture and support women going through divorce with practical legal strategy and Ayurveda (because yoga and healing are essential). [Another aside, I learned about Ayurveda in December 2009 during my first Ayurveda session with Anne (thank you Anne). I will be a certified Ayurveda counselor by the end of the year.]

I owe so much to Tranquil Space and all of my yoga instructors – the ones I mentioned above and Pari, Diane, Susanna, and Melissa, and everyone that works at TS to make it what it is (Tim, Sara etc.). Through all of the trauma, difficult life challenges, and the daily grind of being a mom and working, TS has been my lodestar. It has been my constant moon – the light I always knew I could come back to for a true hug. Thank you! Namaste.

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