TSA September Studio Scoop

Welcome to September, Tranquil Space Arlington! We’ve made it through another scorching-hot VA summer complete with earthquakes, hurricanes, and record-breaking heat. But, with the transition into fall and the gradual changing of the weather comes an excuse to take some time to check-in with the internal changes that have taken place over the summer. What does your body crave–or what do you need in order to enhance your overall tranquility as you move into the fall? Where can you schedule time to slow down or to book some important self-care? Change-up your routine this September with one of the following offerings coming up at Tranquil Space Arlington…

Workshops and Events

-Newbie Yogi Workshop with Katie, Saturday, September 17th from 5-7:30pm

-ChariTea Swap Shop at our Dupont location with Kimberly and Abby, Sunday, September 18th from 11am-2pm

-TSA at Clarendon Day 2011, Saturday, September 24th from 11am-5pm. More info to come!

You can sign up online for our workshops and events here.

Looking Ahead to the Fall…

-Yoga and Cross Training: Yoga for Runners, Bikers, Athletes, & CrossFitters with Mary Catherine, Saturday, October 8th from 5-7pm

-TSA Book Club: we’re starting up our first Tranquil Space Arlington book club this fall! Join Lisa, Sarah and Clare for our first book club meeting next month on Sunday, October 16th at 7:30pm. The first book will be Hand Wash Cold by Karen Maezan Miller. You can pick up a copy in the boutique!


Our lovely boutique specialist, Patricia, and our boutique manager, Marq, just got back from the NY Gift Fair. They found a bunch of exciting new products that will make their way onto our shelves in the coming months. Keep your eyes out for new tranquil goods coming to TSA this fall!

August Survey Winners

Thanks so much to all of you who filled out one of our new Tranquil Space surveys. It’s wonderful to receive your feedback and we’ve learned a lot about what you value at TSA (mints, cookies, and hair-ties!), what you want to see more of (classes!), and how we can make your Tranquil Space Experience even more tranquil. Also, a big congrats to our August drawing winners, Christine, Ashley, and Shirin! Thank you for your valuable input.

First visit to either Tranquil Space location?

Are you a die-hard TS Dupont yogi, but would like to visit TS Arlington? Are you an Arlington-er who’s ready to take your first trip over to TS Dupont to mix things up? If so, let us know! When you visit either studio for the first time–even if you’ve been a TS student for years–let us know! We’d love the opportunity to give you a tour and point out the differences between both studios if you’re new to the space :)

A big thanks to our community for spending the hot summer months with us. We look forward to our second fall with you in our “new” (can we even say that anymore?) space!


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