New Fall Arrivals

The sun is setting sooner, the air is becoming crisp and you may be switching out your closets to store away the summer gear.

There is nothing like some sparkly jewelry to help jazz up your autumnal attire. Our friends at Dogeared do it again with their Karma and 3 wishes lines. New teardrop gemstone necklaces and other styles are stocked in Arlington.

We always are looking to have gifts for you and your loved ones and it’s never to early to think about the holidays. Check out the lovely French soaps and lavender bath salts from La Lavande. Choose from lemongrass, green tea, honey almond, citrus fruit, lavender and mint leaves.

We are all about recycled and being kind to Mother Earth. Fresh off the sewing machine are these cute reclaimed TS t-shirt bags. Look at how green and sporty Kimberly looks holding one in black with white accents.

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