cOMmunity Update

Have you seen the new community board at Tranquil Space Dupont? If you’ve attended a class in the Sky studio in the past few weeks you should have! We’re going to be using this space to share all sorts of cOMmunity updates: new babies, new pets, traveling TraquiliTees, staff updates, etc.

The only way to keep this board fresh and interesting, though, is through contributions from our favorite people…all of you! Send any announcements and photos our way ( There’s even a stack of sticky notes and a pen for you to contribute when you’re at the studio. Take a quick second to “share your success” whether yoga-related or not.

Building cOMmunity here at Tranquil Space is one of our top priorities. We want to be more than just the space where you practice yoga. We work hard every day to provide a clean and welcoming environment that takes you away from whatever else might be going on in your life. Although it takes some time, we try very hard to remember names and eventually our team will be able to greet you personally. We promise!

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