Updated schedule for Labor Day weekend

With Labor Day sneaking up on us (how is that possible?), both studios have abbreviated schedules for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday this weekend. See all the details below and, as always, our online schedule has all the updated information as well.

Schedule at Tranquil Space Dupont

Friday, September 2:

7:00am Yoga On-the-Go

12:00pm Yoga On-the-Go

4:30pm Open Flow

5:30pm Yoga On-the-Go

6:00pm Yoga 2

Saturday, September 3

9:00am Yoga 2

9:15am Yoga 1

10:45am Yoga 1

11:00am Open Flow

12:30pm Prenatal Yoga

1:00pm Open Flow

2:15pm Yoga On-the-Go

Sunday, September 4:

10:45am Yoga 2

12:30pm Yoga 1

2:15pm Yoga 2

Monday, September 5:

12:00pm Yoga On-the-Go

12:30pm Yoga On-the-Go

5:30pm Yoga On-the-Go

6:00pm Yoga 1

6:30pm Open Flow

Schedule at Tranquil Space Arlington

Friday, September 2

12:00pm Yoga On-the-Go

5:00pm Yoga On-the-Go

Saturday, September 3:

10:30am Yoga 1

12:15pm Open Flow

Sunday, September 4:

10:30am Open Flow

12:15pm Yoga 1

2:00pm Yoga 2

Monday, September 5

12:00pm Yoga On-the-Go

5:30pm Yoga On-the-Go

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