Team Player of the month: Emily Rasowsky

Emily found her way to tranquil space as a way to relax from tests, papers and the craziness (oftentimes just stress) of school. When she moved out to DC, just over 2 years ago, one of her top priorities was to find some great yoga classes to mellow her out; however, when she walked into tranquil space she didn’t find just that. A few sprays of lavender later she was hooked on TS, not only because of the extremely seasoned teachers, creative sequences and inspirational readings but also the welcoming and accepting cOMmunity of yogis that seemed to join her for each cup of tea.
She is thankful for being so welcome in the Tranquil Space community and is excited to continue to be a part of the Tranquil Space team! Don’t be shy-feel free to say hello next time you see her at the the front desk or in down dog!

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