Spa Spotlight: Amy Detgen

I recently had the great fortune to go on a weekend yoga retreat—a complete luxury for me as the busy working mom of a toddler. It was a wonderful break that rejuvenated me physically and mentally. I also scheduled a massage while I was away and was so glad that I did. I noticed that the massage helped me to slow down, to let go of tension, and to fully relax. I told the massage therapist about a huge knot in my shoulder so he spent some focused time there. Of course, as a massage therapist myself, I constantly try to work out my own knots…but there’s something very different about lying on a table and letting go. I also constantly try to stretch out my shoulder in various yoga poses. I know that yoga helps me but I have seen how massage complements my yoga practice and enables a deeper release of muscle tension. Plus the very fact that I don’t have to do anything means a total surrender for my muscles and my mind! I encourage anyone who has muscle tension or mental tension to explore how massage can help you reach a new level of relaxation and tranquility.

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