Reflections on Disney Institute

Last week Tim and I spent 5 days at Disney Institute in Orlando learning all sorts of creative tools. Professional development is at the core of our culture and we’ve been looking forward to this since registering last December. My favorite surprises at Disney were riding the carousel, stumbling upon a 6-piece band playing big band tunes in a hotel lobby, and shopping/dining in “Paris” in the world showcase at Epcot (where i picked up a pink eiffel tower + A Literary Paris). Disney calls these “magical moments” and I agree!

In my early Oklahoma years, I grew up driving to ghost towns, forts, and national parks for family vacations so the whole Disney thing was most foreign. All this for a mouse? At one point in our training we were working as a group to come up with as many Disney characters as possible. I threw out “Tinklebell!” with pride. Only to be big leagued by Disney expert Tim, “um, it’s Tinkerbell.” I let others in the group take the lead after that faux pas. Oh, and when Mickey surprised us at graduation, I was the first one up squealing and clapping. I guess there is something about that mouse after all!

After 40 hours of training last week, I’m still processing all the information. We learned about leadership excellence, inspiring creativing, brand loyalty, quality service, and people management. During the training, we were taken to backstage park settings, shown historical and current videos, and immersed in Disney as a culture of imagination.

Perfectly aligned, I came across this article via twitter today on how Walt Disney worked his imagination. More to be unveiled as Tim and I sit down to process the week. Maybe even a podcast to share it all? Hmmmm. We look forward to sharing Tranquil Space’s 5-year vision at our upcoming annual team retreat and hosting a team tea to share takeaways to any of our interested 100 team members.

We consistently strive to be a true tranquil space in the Washington area – a haven from the hustle and bustle of city living. As we move toward celebration of our 12th year, I remain focused on creating an organization that exists to make a difference in the lives of all beings. Yoga is truly a catalyst.

Thank you for joining me, my amazing team, and each other on this journey a la tranquility. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Disney Institute

  1. Lay

    August 24, 2011 at 6:35pm

    Thank you Kimberly and Tim. So glad Disney was thinking about his daughters and his passion grew to benefit others’ children. Never mind how TranquilSpace was started; it sure is a spot where i always want to return to, to find my zero-point. And always feeling grateful for the founder who dreams and dares to translate into reality! :-)

  2. kimberly wilson

    August 24, 2011 at 9:26pm

    Thank you, Lay! We’re delighted to have you in our cOMmunity and so grateful for the joyful spirit you bring each time you walk in our door. Namaste.

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