Hurricanes + Online system changes

We have a couple of things blowing in over the course of the next few weeks…

Saturday Sunday: As you might have heard, we’re expecting a cranky visitor by the name of Irene early Sunday morning mid afternoon Saturday. Long time Tranquil Spacers know we don’t close down for earthquakes or even Snowpocolypses, so I don’t anticipate any changes to Saturday Sunday schedules. That being said, please be careful coming in as it looks like there’s a strong chance of heavy rain and… I know… shockingly… from a hurricane… gusty winds. Stay tuned to the TS blog, Facebook and Twitter for updates as we get closer.

Friday 9/7: We just got word that the online system we use for class registration and online purchases will be updating its look and feel two weeks from tomorrow. You’ll also be able to login with your email address rather than having to remember your username every time. Although it might look a little different, it’s all the same under the hood. If you have any trouble booking your classes, workshops, or spa treatments when the system transitions, please let us know.

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