August Musings a la Kimberly

rainer cherries in vintage thrift store bowl

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” – John Zabat-Zinn

Welcome to August. Rainer cherries are in season (and delish). Barefoot time at the beach restores. Iced green tea is a must. Legs up the wall calms and child’s pose cools. Simple pleasure make a big difference.
Over the past week I finished summer school, taught a 3-hour art journaling workshop, hosted Benefit for the Animals, and set up vintage/reclaimed goodies in our boutique. This week involves helping launch our first ever teacher training in Arlington, taking a group of ladies from N Street Village to a sewing lounge, and hosting a trunk show and chair yoga extravaganza at the Phillip’s Collection before dashing off on Friday for a few weeks of creative immersion.
Ever since friend and former Tranquil Space yogi Amanda Hirsch tweeted about a dream to run away and live a bohemian lifestyle sans obligations, I’ve been smitten. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with life and those who inhabit it. However, some days the circus (and bohemia) appeals. Sure I’d grow frustrated with the experience after a few days of freedom from my current daily to-dos plus those super snug sequined outfits (and lord knows I wouldn’t be impressed with the treatment of the animals – that’s a whole separate blog post), but there is something beckoning an escape. Probably has to do with the fact that I’ve been in school non-stop since fall 2010 semester, but who’s counting?

Sometimes we just have to shake things up and take time to bask in the simple pleasures of life. So, shaking things up in August I am indeed. It’s the perfect month for doing so! Below are my plans through Labor day weekend. My hope is to refill the well on many levels: from professional development to creative fulfillment. Never fear, you will be taken with me on all the experiences as I’ll be sharing tales, photos, and insights while donning a Tranquil Space tee via my blog

August 5-12 writing, yogaing, dreaming, vintage/reclaimed shopping in New York City
August 13 hOMe, yoga + embroidery class
August 14-19 learning heaps at Disney leadership institute
August 20 hOMe, yoga + embroidery class
August 21-26 writing in West Virgina
August 27 hOMe, yoga + embroidery class
August 28-September 2 teaching at Kripalu
September 3-5 animal care conference at Farm Sanctuary
September 6 hOMe + back to school

Anyone else dreaming of joining the circus or the land of bohemia? I think it’s that time of the year! Stepping away from the day to day grind serves up an opportunity to reconnect with creative whispers and open space. It’s truly the most therapeutic tool imaginable. And when blended with yoga and a splash of meditation – truly transformative. Can’t get away? Try a staycation or retreat to a park nearby. Your soul will thank you. May August bring you simple moments of great pleasure (and a big bowl of succulent rainer cherries).


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