Tranquil Space Hosts Global Yoga Class

In how many languages can you say “downward facing dog?”

At least twenty, when on Tuesday the studio hosted members of an international public health leadership program.  Participants— from countries including Haiti, Iraq, India, Nigeria, and Serbia— ended a day of lectures with stretching and relaxation. For many, this was their first experience with yoga.

Studio teacher Melissa Van Orman introduced the group to simple breathing exercises, cat cow stretches, hip openers, and of course down dog.  Prior to practicing, the group discussed the benefits of yoga and the scientific case for making relaxation and exercise part of a healthy lifestyle. 

And this group knows a lot about healthy lifestyles. 

The exchange program, sponsored by the State Department and Meridian International Center, is designed for distinguished medical experts.  The participants included doctors, national directors of public health, and medical journalists.  They will be in U.S. for three weeks visiting federal public health programs as well as learning about regional issues, such as rural health in Kentucky or HIV/AIDS prevention in New Orleans. 

The studio was honored to add a little extra tranquility to their trip and wishes them happy travels!

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