Scenes from Costa Rica Retreat

Hola from Costa Rica.
Yesterday I snapped these photos while walking around the retreat property with my trusty iPhone. It was my artist date among a week of artist dates: savoring fresh fruit, sipping papaya juice, teaching and taking 2-4 hours of yoga daily, napping, reading, and tons of writing. Taking a moment to hit the reset button is a critical step in ongoing tranquility.
Q: What is an artist date?

A: A weekly, solo adventure to reconnect with your creative spirit coined in the work of Creativity Genius Julia Cameron. My favorite ways to indulge in an artist date include bookstore browsing, art journaling, decorating, shop browsing, soaks in the tub, time on my yoga mat, sipping tea, sitting in a cafe, meditation, visiting museums, browsing art galleries, walking through city streets, taking a workshop or retreat, snapping photos, and indulging in matinees (preferably documentaries). 

How do *you* like to replenish your creative spirit? Wishing you a beautiful start to your weekend from this tropical feast for the senses.
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