Postpartum Massage: Taking Care of Mom

Having a newborn is an exciting time. Everyone is focused on trying to figure out how to take care of this precious new life. Parents are getting to know the difference between a cry that means the baby is hungry or there is a wet diaper.

What about mom? Her body heroically delivered this 7 or 8+ pound baby. She may have been walking, swaying, squatting and pushing for hours. Her muscles may be feeling sore and fatigued from the birthing process. She may be feeling overwhelmed by the experience of labor and the stress of caring for her baby. Her shoulders, neck, and back can be aching as she tries to find the best positions for feeding. She needs some attention and some healing. Postpartum massage is one very important way to help her physically and emotionally recuperate.

At Tranquil Space I see a lot of moms for prenatal massage and an almost equal number of moms for postpartum. I have seen moms who are suffering from lower back pain as a result of pushing, whose abdominal, back and leg muscles are sore from long labors, whose necks and shoulders are knotted up from awkward positions from breastfeeding and moms who are just experiencing the baby blues and need some emotional support. I also see moms who are healing from a C-section (once they have been cleared by their doctors which is usually 6 weeks after the operation) to prevent adhesions from forming at the scar.

As a childbirth educator, I try to advise new moms to take care of themselves, to drink and eat and rest whenever they can. Being a new mom is one of the most challenging endeavors one will undertake and one of the most rewarding.

Barbara Jazzo is a licensed and certified massage therapist with over 16 years practical experience. To book an appointment with Barbara, call the studio at 202-328-9642.

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