Yoga + Meditation Class in Dupont

Time article “Just say Om

Join me Monday nights at 8pm in Dupont for our *new* 60 minutes of on-the-go yoga followed by 15 minutes of meditation. Meditation is a powerful component to your yoga (and life) practice and I’m super excited to incorporate the two starting tomorrow night! 
We also offer a 60-minute version (45 minutes of yoga with 15 minutes of meditation) with Katie each Sunday at 9am in Arlington. Please join us for this beautiful combination of flow and mindfulness. 
Oh, and don’t forget our $5 weekly mindfulness meditation class with Todd every Sunday at 9:30am in Dupont.
Not convinced that sitting still is for you? Read more on how meditation may change the brain, curb heart attacks, and enhance your attention span.
Hope to see you on the mat and meditation cushion! Namaste.

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