Tranquil Space is Showing Its Pride

As proud members of the 17th Street business community, we proudly decorate our storefront to celebrate Capital Pride. The rainbow colors from the gay pride flag signify the diverse makeup that is the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Come to class this Saturday, June 11th and view the parade, which travels right outside our door. The kickoff time is 5:30 pm, but people line the streets pretty early. There will be lots of sights to see, music to dance to, and love to shared with our gay brothers and sisters.

Big thanks to Kevin for his help gathering some extra inspiration for the display. He also noticed that the colors of the rainbow flag coincide with the colors of the chakras. We’re showing DC and 17th street that yoga and gay pride coexist.

Below are pictures of our decor. Happy Pride!

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