Team Player of the Month: Kate Maloney

Kate came to Tranquil Space sure she was going to be a restorative-only kinda yogi feeling way too intimidated to take a “real” yoga class. A healthy dose of lavendar aromatherapy spray and a few downward dogs later, she can hardly keep herself away from the studio and just completed her first 21-day challenge. She credits the warm and encouraging community at Tranquil Space for curing her yoga-phobia. “Go ‘asana-fy’ yourself” is now one of her boyfriend’s favorite phrases when she gets a little frazzled and she is happy to oblige.
Moving to DC just over a year ago to continue the mental health awareness work she began in college with Active Minds, her yoga studio is her favorite thing about her new city and uses her practice as a way to take care of her own mental health while empowering young people to do the same.

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