Teacher Feature: Carol Collins

I’m home sick today with laryngitis for the second time this year. My body is telling me something. I want more in my life right now, but what exactly that is I realize I’m not ready to say. I’m meeting with a Life Coach later this summer. Maybe something will click. Anyway I think that’s why I keep literally losing my voice. I connect with something internally that feels right, but I can’t seem to bring it out into my world. I can’t voice it.

The fifth chakra has always been a place of stuck energy for me. When I began teaching yoga I felt like I was beginning to find my voice. What does that mean? I was connecting with what I really wanted in my life at that time: more down time, less stress, to be a mom, flexibility, the power to make my own daily schedule and to be my own boss. But it was more than just connecting with my dreams, it was voicing them. I remember telling Kimberly that I wanted to take her teacher training. I remember my first 12:00 Monday yoga class at the church with Kevin as my only student. (Thank God it was Kevin – it could have been much more awkward?) Most of my ideas came together for me. I put a lot of time and effort into it. I took what was on the inside and revealed it. I wasn’t swallowing down what I wanted. I didn’t get laryngitis for years.

Today I’ll drink lots of lemon and honey tea. I bought some sage and something or other lozenge. Later I’ll try some shoulder stands, bridge pose and fish and lion’s breathe. See if I can find my voice again.

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