Take Yoga = Get Rewards

Our newest way to say thank you: Take Yoga = Get Rewards

Tranquil Space is launching our new rewards program July 1 with a little help from our friends at Perkville. We all know yoga is its own reward, but we’d like to say thank you to loyal members of our cOMmunity. Think of it as a frequent flier program for tranquility. Perkville keeps track of your perks to keep things simple for you.

Earning Points 

  • Every class you take = 3 points!
  • Post about us on Facebook after a visit = 3 points!
  • Refer a friend who earns rewards points = 5 points!
  • Follow Tranquil Space on Twitter = 10 points!
  • BONUS: We’ll have special ongoing opportunities that will give you additional point-earning opportunities too

Redeeming Points

  • 150 points = 15 TS Dollars*
  • 250 points = 25 TS Dollars*
  • 500 points = 50 TS Dollars*

*You can spend TS Dollars towards anything we offer: yoga classes, spa treatments, coconut water, that TranquiliT piece you’ve been eyeing, a colorful eco-friendly Jade mat to replace your well-worn one – the works!

Q: I’m in! How do I join?
A: You’ll receive an email the day after you take your first class starting this week. It’s got the scoop on how to sign up.

Q: What does the email look like, so I can keep an eye out for it?
A: The email asking you to register with Perkville will look like this one from our friends up at Charm City Yoga in Baltimore (click to enlarge it):

You’ll receive an email each time you earn points. That email will look like this (click to enlarge):

Q: I can earn points just by posting on Facebook? Awesome! I post a LOT…
A: Yes, post away and share your tranquility journey with others.

Q: And Twitter?
A: Yep, points for following us on Twitter too. Details are there after you sign up.

Q: What’s the deal with referring a friend? Are you replacing your free class for referrals?
A: If your friend buys any kind of class pass, you still get a free class – we won’t change that. This is another way of expressing gratitude – invite your friends to join our rewards program, and when they earn their first points, you get a five-point bonus!

Q: That’s a lot of points I need to earn!
A: We’ll have a few special opportunities to earn BIG points from time to time. More to come on that, so stay tuned!

Q: Sounds great and all, but I’m not interested!
A: No problem, we won’t pester you! Joining our rewards program is totally up to you. You can opt out in the email invites.

Thank you for being a part of the Tranquil Space cOMmunity! Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re excited to reward you for embracing tranquility.

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