Summer Sparkle

Summer is in full swing and the boutique has some new items to make you shine. Allison Bernstein is a local jewelry maker who stopped in to see if I’d be interested in carrying her handcrafted earrings. Using wire as her medium, she’s made fun earrings that are the perfect summer accessory.

Read more about Allison below:

“I’ve been turning figdety fingers into fine jewelry (or at least friendship bracelets) since age 8 or so. With my Aunt Bev, I began working with wire and beads more seriously in college, and recently ended up with more jewelry than friends with upcoming birthdays. So, enjoy your new earrings and wear Twenty-six gauge in good health! “

One of our yogis, Carol Meyers, has already made herself known in our space with her glass mala necklaces. She’s now added bracelets to her line. These bracelets use colorful glass beads and crystals with either an om or fleur-de-lis charm.

Be on the lookout for our custom water bottles by Earthlust has shipped. Look for the branded bottles to hit the shelves soon. Below is a sneak peek.

One thought on “Summer Sparkle

  1. moi

    July 1, 2011 at 1:55pm

    oooooh! merci beaucoup mon ami marq for posting a lovely pic of my faux pearl wrist malas. it’s an honor to be so nurtured at tranquil space!

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