Online system is… down again

MINDBODY is again giving yogis fits all around the world… we apologize for the slowness, and we’ve been informed that the system should improve later in the day.

All classes are on as scheduled… here are today’s remaining offerings:

5:30 On-the-go
7:00 Open flow
8:45 Yin on-the-go

Dupont Circle
5:30 On-the-go
6:00 Open flow
6:30 Yoga 1
7:00 Yoga 2
7:30 Yin/Yang
8:00 Open flow
8:45 $10 On-the-go

Again, we apologize for this continuing inconvenience!

3:15pm UPDATE

It looks like MINDBODY is back up and running for now, but since it’s been intermittent all day we’ll hold off on the victory lap…

2 thoughts on “Online system is… down again

  1. Tim @ Tranquil Space

    June 21, 2011 at 6:55pm

    Thanks Lyndi! We have better service on our side of things, so we hope to have lines moving and be able to take credit cards tonight. Like I mentioned, all classes are on, so feel free to come on in to your favorite Tuesday classes!

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