Doses of Tranquility

On this beautiful Saturday in Washington, DC, I wanted to share a few of my favorite doses o’ tranquility in hope that you, too, may be able to take a moment to be. 
time in a hammock
purr of a cat
creating a meal 
setting a table with love
penning dreams
planting impatiens
sipping iced moroccan mint tea (hello teaism)
purchasing eco- + second hand fashion
adopting an animal
writing a letter
legs up the wall
sipping a green smoothie
farmer’s markets
journal writing
biking through rock creek park
vase of peonies
pug snores
reading inspiring texts
viewing a documentary at e street
sitting on a meditation cushion to watch your breath
free museums + galleries
browsing bookstores
picnic in the park
May you have a weekend infused with doses of tranquility.

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