Upcoming Workshop at TSD: Art & Asana

Looking to infuse a bit of creativity into your life? Never played with watercolors before? Want to learn how to express yourself visually? Then join Mary Catherine at Tranquil Space Dupont for an afternoon of yoga & play at her upcoming Art & Asana: The Whimsical World of Watercolor workshop on Sunday, May 15th from 12-3pm.
Learning to paint simple objects with watercolors takes just a few steps…

Step 1: Pick out an object or image that you would like to paint.

Step 2: Paint the basic shape of the object.

Step 3: Add a bit more color for depth.

Step 4: Add outline & details with an ink pen.

And voila! Simple and fun :)

Workshop details:

Join Mary Catherine for an afternoon of yoga and artistic expression as we explore creativity and painting with watercolors. The workshop will begin with a practice meant to awake and inspire, and we will then delve into the world of watercolors, drawing inspiration from images, found objects, and our yoga practice. There will be time set aside for basic instruction on the number of ways that watercolors can be used, as well as a quick lesson on mixing colors and how to paint basic shapes. We will then have plenty of time for exploration of this medium. A number of inspiring images and items will be provided to help you get started, but please bring any images or objects that you would like to paint, or that inspire your creativity. No experience necessary.

Supplies: Shared tubes of watercolor colors (the colors that do not typically come in kits) and watercolor paper will be provided. Please bring your own set of watercolors (see below), any inspiring images or items that you would like to paint, your yoga mat, and water. Optional: a journal and something to write with, a snack. Each attendee will be gifted with an artist-grade watercolor brush.

Recommended watercolor set: Prang 16 Color Watercolor Set (or you can purchase a basic Crayola set from your local drug store).

Cost: $50. $45 online. Price includes watercolor brush and watercolor paper.

Click here to view Mary Catherine’s online portfolio and website.

See you there!

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