Yogi of the month: Lizzie Kountze

I feel so fortunate to be part of the Tranquil Space community. In a city full of career-driven people who are often transient, building a community itself is truly something special. Tranquil Space teachers set a tone that welcomes students to challenge themselves and be authentic.

As a grad student three years ago, a friend brought me to the studio for a study break. Later that year, when a stressful job overwhelmed me, the Tranquil Space studios in DC and Bethesda became my outlet. I was amazingly curious about the mystery of yoga, what it was doing to my body and mind. I endlessly Googled “effects of yoga” but never felt satisfied with the answers I got, only starting to realize that the best answers would only come from within.

Last fall, a friend and I participated in the Yoga and Nature Shenandoah trip – a combination of two of my absolute favorite things. The other people on the trip were bright, inspiring, and thoughtful, the kind of people I wanted to get to know better. A few months later I joined Teacher Training and was immersed with bright teachers, participants and mentors– I thought, not only is this a place that I am encouraged to explore something I love, but I am surrounded by supportive, fun, and brilliant people- with fascinating day jobs and a wide range of life experience– who bring so much to the practice of teaching. In addition to the instruction, Teacher Training includes fascinating reading full of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and wisdom for living your yoga. It also includes Karma Yoga requirements that are fantastic because they push new teachers to take their practice off the mat by teaching or volunteering with underserved people. I’ll be finishing up TT200 requirements this fall and I’m thankful to let it all sink in over the summer. I am thrilled to have a yoga home in Tranquil Space and to grow as a teacher and student.

One thought on “Yogi of the month: Lizzie Kountze

  1. Anonymous

    April 30, 2011 at 7:54pm

    Lizzie, What a lovely statement about your path to yoga. When I first studied yoga in the late 60’s, my teacher said that once on the path, yoga would always be with me. He reminded me that even though my practice might ebb and flow, yoga’s philosophy and practice would remain within me. For over 40 years, that message has sustained me even when I could not get myself to the mat. My practice continues to be a source of support though challenging times and a source of joy through smoother ones. May it be so for you as well. With love, Aunt Winston

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