mindful mOMent

Looking for a way to deepen your yoga practice? Consider spending just as much time honing your mindfulness practice as you do on your asana practice. Keep an eye out for this new recurring TS blog column, “mindful mOMent” for tips, mantras and exercises to help focus your mind.

Along with holidays comes eating, which segues perfectly into this week’s mindful mOMent.

Mindful eating: We need food to sustain life so this “need” gives us a great opportunity to be fully present many times during the day. How often do you eat breakfast on your way out the door, or grab lunch while answering emails or stop for a quick dinner on the road between evening activities? Granted, these habits get the job done–you’re no longer hungry–but instead of eating just for the sake of eating, take a moment to really experience your food.
Here are four suggestions to help your eating habits become more mindful:

  1. Eat one piece at a time, whether it’s one piece of pasta or one raisin. Notice how often you eat of a handful of something and don’t really taste it.

  2. Pay attention as you chew. It’s a subconscious activity, but make it a conscious one.

  3. Move the piece of food or beverage around in your mouth. Let the piece of chocolate (I’m encouraging you to eat chocolate, how wonderful!) completely dissolve in your mouth and notice the different sensations as it disappears.

  4. Even before taking your first bite, use your other four senses to appreciate what you’re about to taste. Look at the colors intermingling on the plate, breath in the aroma of the sauces, feel the crustiness of the bread, listen to the steam or settling of the food to see if it makes any audible noises.

  5. Eat slower. This will not only help you feel full, and therefore eat less, but will allow for a more fulfilling experience in general.

Happy eating!

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