May Musings a la Kimberly

 savoring a sunday walk in the woods with louis the pug
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon
Confession: I’m a planner. Last night I purchased my 2012 planner pad and, honestly, couldn’t believe I didn’t have one in hand yet. Blasphemy! Problem solved, it’s en route. Yet I have to wonder, does planning prevent us from living in the moment? John Lennon seemed to think so!
As I finish up an incredibly busy 8 months filled with social work classes and 2 day/week internship on top of my beloved businesses and non-profit, I eagerly look forward to mOMents that lack planning. Ah, a respite, a little more sleep, and a lot more yoga. I’ve gone through my planner and carved out Friday afternoons for creative space (which, according to an article sent to me by Tranquility Concierge Cecilia, is critical) and am doing my best to not fill up the space that is opening. Yes, I must plan to not plan. Ironic? Maybe.
For the past few years, my word of the year has been “spaciousness.” You know, the moments of catching your breath between meetings, appointments, day care pick ups, and yoga classes. There are many proponents of carving out white space in one’s schedule to dream, slow down, and connect with your breath. I recently interviewed Tara Sophia Mahr on my podcast, Tranquility du Jour, and she shared an article on white space that I found insightful. It all comes down to mindfulness. Mindfulness in the moment, being fully present with the situation in front of you, and allowing what lies beneath the surface a chance to emerge.
As we move into the month of May, we are officially 1/3 through 2011. My spring and summer goals focus on creativity and a reconnection to spaciousness thanks to a newfound 18 hours in my week. Out of 168 hours (112 waking ones) in a week, that’s pretty substantial! During last Sunday’s brunch followed by a hike and afternoon drive that wasn’t penned into my planner, I recognized that I needed to focus more on the mOMents in between the plans. Open space may be scary, but it is critical for creative and spiritual sprouting, and, frankly, it feels a little rebellious! And as John Lennon reminded us, life *IS* happening. Let’s be fully present with it rather than fully planned. 
Will you join me in this lifelong endeavor? Stay tuned here and on my blog for insights into how I’m using this newfound space. Many creative dreams are sure to take root and maybe even sprout in the white space. I look forward to savoring the journey with you on and off the yoga mat.
Kimberly Wilson

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  1. peg mulqueen

    April 28, 2011 at 4:23pm

    yes! creativity and a reconnection to spaciousness! i will absolutely join you! :)

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