Candlelight, shining bright.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

Or you could share my excitement about candles. I am discovering I have a thing for candles. Recently boxes have been making their way into the studio and candles are populating the boutique shelves. In January, I recall being enthralled by all the scents and colorful packaging. Thinking of all of our shoppers and how excited they would be to bring these lovely lights into their homes, offices and places of comfort.

Paddywax scores again with great eco packaging and wonderful scents. The glass containers are recycled wine bottles. Scents include, pomegranate currant, rosemary citrus, mandarin and lavender and my personal favorite, thyme and olive leaf.

Sweet smells permeate the room when you light up the Tru Melange SOL glass candle. You can even reuse the container as a glass once the candle is burned. New scents include Angelic (lemon & vanilla), Embrace (lavender & ylang ylang) and Adore (rose & jasmine).

It wouldn’t be spring without the smell of spring brought to us by Paddywax. The garden crush collection is back. These colorful tins will bring light to an interior space when it’s not being burned and once lit the room will be filled with peony, sweet pea, poppy, jasmine and more.

Gardenia was the flower that Lady Day wore in her hair and this fragrance has been captured in a sweet 45 hour candle. Ignite it and let the essence fill your space while you enjoy a lazy spring afternoon. Let your little light shine.

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