Yogi of the month: Nicole Collins

I am so honored to be Yogi of the Month! A friend brought me to Tranquil Space a year ago and I completely fell in love. My practice here has done so much for me physically and mentally. I’m a dancer from way back, but was no longer dancing when I first started at TS because of injuries and, frankly, a weak core. Basically, I thought my body had quit on me! But, within several months of beginning at TS, I had worked through my injuries and was back in dance class. Now I feel as flexible and strong as I was ten years ago.
Aside from the physical benefits, my practice at TS has guided me through a difficult time in my life and continues to help me find strength and compassion for myself and others. It has given me a positive place to go to clear my head and put my life in perspective.I am so grateful to have found TS and am so excited to get more involved as a studio assistant and may even decide to dive into teacher training soon.

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