Yogi of the Month: Channah Farber

I have my amazing friend Lauren and a cranky IT band to thank for giving me the gift of yoga. Ever since college, I’d relied on running to stay fit. My morning runs were a time to clear my head, burn off stress, and be with my thoughts. All this came to a temporary halt a few years ago when my IT band had finally had enough. I’d heard that yoga could help and, with Lauren’s encouragement, I decided to try out Tranquil Space. Within weeks of my first class at the wonderful Dupont studio, I knew that yoga would become much more to me than a road back to running.

The warm and welcoming TS community makes the studio a great space in which to grow, learn, and thrive. From the beginning, the inspirational teachers at TS have encouraged me to embrace where I am with any given pose, rather than focusing on how far off I might be from its full expression. I’ve come back to this idea off the mat when I get caught up in wanting future aspirations to hurry up and happen. By centering me in the present, TS has become a place for me to celebrate good days and let go of the frustrations or disappointments of other days. Yoga, and the TS family in particular, have made me a stronger, more attuned, healthier and happier person. I look forward to many more years of tranquility!

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