Treat Yourself

Oftentimes, we may see getting a bodywork session as a luxury. However, I believe it has the potential to be something that encompasses and affects the entire person profoundly.

Recent progress in brain research shows that if we become mindful and look at what is happening in the mind, we create the opportunity for old patterns to unravel and therefore the opportunity for change. View this video to learn more.

Bodywork can be a powerful tool in shifting the mind in this way. When we come to a massage session and become aware of patterns of tightness and tension, we go through the same process. We step out of the experience and start to watch the patterns that entrap us, creating the possibility for change and new patterns to form.

This insight has been very powerful to me as it lends what may often seem like an indulgence, treating myself to a spa treatment, takes on a broader and more encompassing meaning.

Anne Theil is a licensed massage therapist and sees clients in the Spa at Tranquil Space. To book an appointment call us at 202.328.9642.

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