The Weekend Update with Mary Casey

It is dreary outside, but sunny this weekend at Tranquil Space!
I have been feeling a little foggy today with the weather, but Crystal fluttered in speaking of the sprouting daffodils and her new baby niece. While we wait for the spring we can experience or own sense of rebirth each time we step onto the yoga mat. As I have manned the front desk today, I have been energized by yogis floating past me revitalized by their practice. I’m not brushing away my coffee cup, but yoga is also quite lovely :)

One thought on “The Weekend Update with Mary Casey

  1. Kelly

    March 8, 2011 at 3:46am

    I agree, Mary and Crystal its such a beautiful time of year to be a yogi, by focusing on the transitions, on and off the mat and the wonderful journey that is life! Yay for all things evolving to Spring….

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