Spa Spotlight: Barbara Jazzo

I like to think about massage in the same way that I think about yoga. Both modalities give the person the time and space to explore their bodies. Where do you hold tension? How is stress affecting you on a physical and emotional level ? How does your posture and body mechanics cause muscle imbalances which can lead to pain and tightness?

Receiving a massage allows you to become aware of those tension patterns. Often I will start to work on a client and they will say, “I didn’t realize I was tight there.” Then, together we try to determine what is going on in life that is causing this area to be tight or painful. Is the problem the way you sleep, sit at your computer, carry your child, or carry your luggage or purse or is there something more going on?

Releasing stress, relaxing muscles, moving lactic acid out — those are all the effects of massage. What you learn about what is going on in your body and how you can make small changes to improve the quality of your life is the greatest gift that massage provides.

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