mindful mOMent

Looking for a way to deepen your yoga practice? Consider spending just as much time honing your mindfulness practice as you do on your asana practice. Keep an eye out for this new recurring TS blog column, “mindful mOMent” for tips, mantras and exercises to help focus your mind.

Singling Out Your Senses:

Sometimes we get so caught up in getting from here to there or focusing on what happened earlier today and what needs to be accomplished tonight that we completely miss out on now.

The next time you’re walking to the metro or driving in your car, take a moment to hone in on one of your senses.

  • Listen: you’ll be amazed by all the sounds you hear when you’re truly tuned into hearing them as opposed to letting them become white noise. You can actually hear birds in the city!
  • Look: instead of gazing down at the sidewalk in front of you (or while you’re waiting at a stoplight) really look around. It’s especially interesting to focus on sights around you if it’s a walk or drive that you’ve made tons of times. You will see things you’ve never noticed before…guaranteed.
  • Smell: The signs of spring are all around us. You might see the trees budding or the flowers blossoming, but have you taken a moment to breath the spring in? Try it!
  • Feel: If you’re driving, focus on the steering wheel. It’s such a familiar part of our lives and yet have you ever really felt it? And if you’re walking, pay attention to the feeling of your feet inside your shoes or the sensation of taking each step.

Pick one sense every day to focus on. Your mind will drift and you’ll forget what you’re supposed to be paying attention to, but keep bringing your focus back. You’ll realize how much of now that you’ve been missing.

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