Fuse Pilates Bootcamp: Tone Your Core!

by Kevin Waldorf-Cruz: Tranquil Space teacher and a Fuse Pilates fan.

For years I stayed away from pilates classes, because they seemed truly unpleasant. I used to joke that pilates made me cry. This was part due to the challenge that it brought to my core muscles, as well as the redundant repetitive routine. As someone who likes things to feel good and craves creativity, this just wasn’t the right exercise for me.

However, this all changed when I discovered Fuse Pilates. Fuse is a balanced mix of traditional mat pilates, adapted reformer/apparatus exercises, blended with Lotte Berke techniques, and a little bit of yoga inspiration. These techniques challenged my abs, legs, back, and arms in a whole different way, resulting in strength, tone, and better balance. I found myself standing taller, holding plank longer, sustaining arm-balances with ease, as well as just feeling more aligned in my own body.

So I am very excited to have Fuse Pilates Bootcamp at Tranqul Space. This is a great opportunity to shed the “winter layers” and cultivate a greater sense of body empowerment. I look forward to seeing you there!

Kevin Waldorf-Cruz

Register here for the Fuse Bootcamp: March 28th-April 1st 7-8am
$80 for the five-day series

For more about Fuse: fusepilates.com

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