What is it that makes us happy?

Thriving relationships? Fulfilling career? Financial security?

It’s widely believed that if we are doing well in these areas we ‘should’ be happy. So, how come we often find ourselves doing everything right but feeling like something is still missing?

Although we often think that happy people achieve it easily (i.e. making decisions that work out for them, having successful careers, healthy relationships and financial security). Interestingly, what Dr. Brene Brown finds makes people happy is the acceptance of life as having necessary pain, hurt and disappointment AND subsequently the willingness to make themselves vulnerable to these things both in life and even more significantly in relationships.

In this video Brene Brown talks about her research on happiness and vulnerability.

What is vulnerability in relationships?
Communicating our deepest needs
Asking for help
Talking to others about our hopes, dreams, and fears
Saying “no” when someone asks you to do something
Expressing your thoughts and opinion

Vulnerability is what we feel in those moments when we don’t know how the other person is going to respond. According to Brown, it’s our desire to keep ourselves safe (not-vulnerable) that we subsequently sacrifice our own happiness.

When was the last time you pushed yourself to feel vulnerable?
I encourage you to take the challenge today!!!

Michell Stanley
Michell offers therapy sessions at the studio, so email her for an appointment, michell@tranquilspace.com.

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