Meet Mary Casey: Dupont’s Beloved Weekend Manager

 Mary rockin’ her bindhi at India Night

Mary Casey found herself at Tranquil Space after losing the competition for mat space with a cat while attempting to yoga through some Rodney Yee videos. Beginning her practice at P Street, she became a dedicated yogi at the 17th Street and Arlington studios after a personal record in the Philadelphia Marathon landed her under the knife where the nice doctor told her she would no longer be running every day. While yoga has certainly become a rewarding cross training activity for her, Mary was surprised to discover how her introduction to Tranquil Space and a regular yoga practice would be a complete spiritual and lifestyle change.

Mary has an undergraduate degree in Music Industry, and after reconciling that she was not meant to be a rock star after all, wound up in a career in media as an Audio Engineer. She has worked mostly on documentaries for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. After a long stint in television, Mary decided to pursue a master’s degree in International Development and Conflict Resolution at the George Washington University. While opening up her schedule for basking in the sunshine at the National Cathedral rose garden to read hundreds of books on politics, governments, and war, additionally Mary became a studio assistant at Tranquil Space, and later, a Tranquility Concierge. She is now incredibly exited to be spending her time as Weekend Manager helping others to enjoy the benefits of yoga and doing her best to extend her peace studies into creating the most nurturing and peaceful environment for her weekend yogis to practice and rejuvenate.

Please join us in welcOMing our beloved Mary Casey into the oh-so-talented management team mix! Stop by and say “namaste” next Saturday or Sunday when you’re at the Dupont studio.

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