Has life gotten you into a pretzel? Unwind and de-stress with a craniosacral therapy treatment.

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle, hands-on energy therapy that works to free up tension patterns in the body.  Tension patterns can be created through stress from physical, emotional, or mental disturbances.  The result of that stress can create feelings or symptoms of anxiety, headaches, low energy, back pain, or central nervous system disorders, among other imbalances.

During the treatment, you are fully clothed, lying down on the treatment table.  Evaluation of the craniosacral system is done through light touch on various parts of the body (feet, shins, lower back, upper chest, neck and head), assessing for imbalances, restrictions and constrictions in the fascia layer.
The fascia layer is the connective tissue that surrounds and envelops all of our organs, muscles, bones, and nerves. It is also connected to the layer that surrounds our spinal cord and brain. Essentially, it’s like the sock or nylon that keeps everything together and connected.

Tension patterns are released by placing both hands on the area of restriction, and following the energy rhythm or pull. What you feel at the end of the treatment is complete relaxation and a sense of being more grounded.

Unlike massage, the amount of pressure is very light and non-forceful. Craniosacral therapy differs from acupuncture because there are no needles involved and is completely non-invasive.

One of the key aspects of craniosacral therapy is the connection between the doctor and patient. Craniosacral therapy requires creating a sacred space, quieting and grounding body and mind, in order to tune in to the subtle energy rhythms of the craniosacral system. In that quiet space of listening to the body, I have come to find that much information is held in the tissues, information I find that is very useful to assist in the patients healing process.

If you’ve been feeling like your shoulders are scrunched up at your ears, or know that you carry your stress in your stomach or elsewhere, craniosacral therapy may be the treatment that will help you find your ease.

Dr. Rhodo Nguyen addresses the health of the whole person in an integrated approach that uses Naturopathic Medicine, nutritional counseling, colon hydrotherapy and Craniosacral Therapy. To book your appointment, please call 202.328.9642 or email drnguyen@tranquilspace.com

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