Tranquil Space 21-day yoga challenge, Jan 10-31

Create a mindful start to the new year by deepening your practice on and off the yoga mat. Take 21 classes with us between January 10-31 for $139 (that’s $130 off the 20-class pass price). Buy the pass at either studio, or online (choose 21 day pass).

If you complete the challenge, you’ll receive:
* complimentary home practice CD by Kimberly Wilson
* complimentary organic cotton Tranquil Space tee
* complimentary spot in Kimberly Wilson’s Living Your Yoga workshop on Friday, February 25th

Compliment the challenge by signing up for the Yoga Journal 21-day challenge at Not only does it include yoga videos for your home practice, but also vegetarian recipes and meditation.

Share your experiences with others in our cOMmunity on Twitter with #TSchallenge or on the Tranquil Space Facebook page!

Fine print stuff…
* Monthly, 6-month and annual members can take on the challenge for free, but you’ll need to sign up at the studios or over the phone.
* If you have an existing pass, we’ll freeze it while you pursue the challenge.
* Complete the challenge by taking 21 classes at Tranquil Space (Arlington or Dupont Circle) between January 10-31 (One class a day? Skip a day or two and double up on another day? Your choice!).
* Workshops at Tranquil Space do count for the challenge, but are not a part of the special 21 class pass.
* Questions? Ask the front desk or contact us at either studio!

3 thoughts on “Tranquil Space 21-day yoga challenge, Jan 10-31

  1. tay

    January 3, 2011 at 11:48pm

    That’s a lot of yoga, but I’m up for it! Thanks for putting this together, TS!

  2. Paola

    January 6, 2011 at 1:54pm

    Wow – that is a lot of yoga, but a great challenge! One suggestion though: why not thinking about offering complimentary mat storage during those 21 days for those who buy the challenge pass? Lugging my mat around town for three weeks in a row sounds like more of a challenge than the yoga classes… :-)

  3. Tim

    January 11, 2011 at 7:21pm

    Paola, we’d love to offer that but we knew this would be too popular to be able to accommodate with the number of mat spaces we have left at Dupont Circle and especially Arlington. I hope you can join the challenge!

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