Teacher Feature – Heather Greene

Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing. We think that the point is to pass the test or to overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy. ~ Pema Chodron

I struggled with setting an intention or resolution this year. January historically is a hectic time for me and this past month was no exception. I felt distracted, disjointed and incapable of setting a lofty goal.

Reflecting on the last few weeks, I realized that I managed to carve out more time than usual for my yoga practice. These practices radiated little lights of joy in my memory. I was surprised that I had found my way to the mat so often during such a busy period. I was also amazed that this didn’t seem to be a conscious decision. I just went… like a moth to a flame.

And then, I was overwhelmed by gratitude… for this little rubber mat on which I can always find peace, for this community full of gentle and warm souls, for my students – who never fail to teach me more than I could ever teach them, for the wisdom of the subconscious that guides me to this beautiful space time after time where I heal and find so much joy.

So, I may be a month late, but it is with a full and grateful heart that I resolve to let my subconscious have full and open access to my day planner.

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