Congrats TT1 MLK graduates!

BLOSSOMING LOTUS: Ryon Lane, Kelly Loss, Amy Fuchs, Mie Strunden, Kate Kuhn

Your name shares the title of Donna Farhi’s article on hip openers. And like her writings your group demonstrated how yoga is both subtle and energetic.

NADAS: Anu Sawkar, Lindsay Boyd, Janae Davis, Elizabeth Bultman, Venil Ramiah, Tracy Berg

Since your group had “no name” I decided to call you the nadas. Nada Yoga is the yoga of sound. All beings have a vibration quality that they possess. The concept of nada is harmonizing and finding union through the practice. Your group found unity in how you taught and expressed the practice.

The APARINGRAHAS: Samantha DeMartino, Jenny Kellogg, Anita Katial, Diane Lebson, Laura Bogomolny, Jill Crowther

Your group name refers to of the key Yamas from the Yoga Sutras and one of the pillars of Jainism. This term means non-possesiveness, or the letting go of grasping or greed. Good work as a group ”letting go” and finding deep full breath while you taught.

FLIGHT: Lizzy Kountze, Heather Fritz, Maggie Lonergan, Christine Saladino, Kathryn Mullan

The idea of flight is the idea of being liberated. Your group did a wonderful job spreading your wings and exploring your edge. I truly appreciated you sharing energy and enthusiasm for the practice. Thank you for sharing your light- Namaste

ANAHATAS: Kristin Dahling, Erin Wilhelm, Mina Simahai, Lisa Calandriello, Leanne Davis, Kristen Brown

Anahata is my favorite chakra to work with. Sometimes overlooked when it comes to yoga asana and mindfulness practices. This chakra is the important intersection of higher consciousness and physical being. Yoga Chittah Nirodaha(sutras)- Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart, when this union happens we abide in our true nature: joy. Thank you for sharing your very thoughtful practice and joy with the group!

Thank you all for sharing your light and love! Continue to share the yoga and explore the practice.



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