Yogi of the Month – Sarah Askin

I found Vinyasa yoga 5 years ago and since that moment, I’ve never looked back on my journey into the world of yoga. When I joined the Tranquil Space community less than one year ago, I never knew the endless possibilities that awaited me behind the doors of the 17th Street studio. I thought that by finding Tranquil Space, I’d merely found a different location to practice yoga. Tranquil Space is not just a place to practice….it is an experience. I could have never imagined that in just a few short months, I would have made so many friendships, shared so many laughs and smiles with complete strangers, as well as find my personal edge in my own practice. When I came to TS, I doubted that my practice could really deepen, and I accepted that certain asanas were just unattainable. Through my conscious and mindful exploration of my own practice at TS, I have found that I can conquer the impossible and move into new places within my mind and body. Having just finished my 200 hour RYT yoga certification in December, I felt ready to join the teaching assistant team too. I look forward to seeing you and perhaps even assisting you in future classes. I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunities that Tranquil Space has provided to me. I have found my yoga home there, and I’m confident that you will too.

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