Tranquil mOMents

As we prepare to ring in a new year, I encourage you to take time to savor a tranquil mOMent. 
Time to simply be, reflect, and prepare to manifest in 2011. 
Here are a few of my favorite tranquility tips:
Light a candle.
Spend time in meditation.
Write in your journal.
Do legs up the wall.
Go to a museum.
Sit at a cafe and write.
Read by the fire.
Send thank you notes with a tea bag tucked inside.
Note lessons learned in 2010.
Pen dreams for 2011. 
Bundle up and take a long walk through a park.
Go to a matinee.
Sip tea or hot cocoa. 
Collage a vision board. 
Call a loved one.
Cuddle on the couch with a furry four-legged friend.
May your hollydaze be full of tranquility and may 2011 be magical.
Thank you for being part of our cOMmunity.

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