Teacher Feature – Jennifer Hamilton

You may be capable of great things,
but life consists of small things.
- Deng Ming-Dao

I have a confession. For most of my adult life, I have been pretty bad about sticking with my New Year’s resolutions. Maybe they were too lofty or most likely I was better at making them versus following through on them. For 2010, I changed my approach. Inspired by what we experience in our yoga practice, I vowed simply to embrace new challenges and move forward one baby step at a time.

Every time we unroll our mat, we learn how powerful baby steps forward can be. In the same way that the tiniest adjustments we make in a pose or even just deepening our breath can develop our practice over time, taking small steps forward and making tiny adjustments in life can be every bit as transformative.

For my first baby step of 2010, I signed up for Tranquil Space’s 200 hour teacher training program. I was scared yet excited by the challenge ahead, even if I wasn’t 100% certain of where it would lead me. Perhaps it would just be a great way to deepen my practice or maybe after all the baby steps that followed, I would find myself more at ease in front of a room full of people-presenting at work or perhaps teaching yoga.

As you reflect on 2010 and make new resolutions for 2011, what will be your first baby step for the year, both on and off your yoga mat?

Best wishes for 2011!

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