Spa Spotlight: Amy Detgen

I’ve been working in the Tranquil Space spa for eight months now. I feel grateful to work here not only because of the wonderful community and beautiful space but also because I like being able to work as a massage therapist at a yoga studio. The Tranquil Space environment is one that emphasizes physical and mental well being and encourages opportunities to slow down, breathe, and take a respite from fast-paced lives. These are the very things that I hope to provide for my clients through my massage work.

Like many people, I had thought of massage as a luxury until some years ago I had a hamstring injury and received massage as part of my therapy. I noticed that when I left a massage session, I felt incredibly calm and grounded. I was thrilled that my hamstring muscle was healing but was affected more profoundly by the relaxation I felt. I started thinking about massage therapy as a profession—how great it would be to help others feel better physically and at the same time, provide a space and time for them to fully let go of stress. I enrolled in massage school and continued to be amazed by the numerous benefits of massage—how it improves circulation, assists digestion, lowers blood pressure, helps to prevent injuries, repairs tissue damage, enhances immunity, relieves headaches, and reduces stress/anxiety. So no matter what a person seeks from massage, he/she receives many additional benefits. I work with clients to ensure their particular issues are addressed and enjoy helping them find a more complete level of balance and wellness.

I am fascinated by the ways in which the mind and body connect, and I see yoga and massage as powerful tools to engage both. During this month of December, I think it is important to remember to take time for ourselves; to nurture our bodies and minds with some tranquility. And what a perfect place to do so!

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